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Transdisciplinarity Project, Workshop 1

Date:25 January 2012 to
26 January 2012
Location:The Modelling Studio, Dorich House, Kingston University

From Science and Technology Studies to the Humanities:
The State of the Field & The Concept of ‘Problem’

This two-day workshop will set out from a discussion of the relationship between inter- and trans-disciplinary in the social sciences, and the transdisciplinary dynamics within the humanities at work within some current work about translation and transculturation. It will proceed to explore alternative approaches to the concept of ‘problem’, within and across the humanities and the sciences, as a first step in the production of a new theorization of transdisciplinarity.

The concept of ‘problem’ as the starting point of a process of collective inquiry is at the centre of the established, technological conception of transdisciplinarity. However, historically, ‘problem’ - along with ideas of ‘problematization’ and ‘problematics’ - has also been the concept through which disciplinary definitions of the humanities have been radically questioned since the 1960s. Philosophically, this process drew mainly upon structuralism and poststructuralism. But perhaps of greatest interest for the transdisciplinary significance of these concepts has been the rediscovery and reinvention of pragmatism (or better, pragmaticism) and pragmatics. This is the standpoint from which we will set out here on the second day.

Day 1: The State of the Field

  • Introduction: Peter Osborne (CRMEP, Kingston University)
  • John Kraniauskas (Latin Amercian Studies, Birkbeck, University of London)
  • Andrew Barry (Geography, Oxford University)
  • Emily Apter (French & Comparative Literature, New York University)

Day 2: The Concept of ‘Problem’

  • Introduction: Éric Alliez (CRMEP, Kingston University/University of Paris 8)
  • Didier Debaise (Philosophy, Free University of Brussels)
  • Fredéric Rambeau (Philosophy, University of Paris 8)
  • Patrice Maniglier (Philosophy, University of Essex)


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This is a closed Workshop, with participation by invitation only.

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