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FASS thinking: Professorial lecture with Matthew Pateman

Date:08 November 2012, 5:00pm
Location:JG5014, Penrhyn Road, Kingston University
 KT1 2EE

The Serious Business of Popular Culture: Cultural Literacy from the Bible to Buffy

The popularly held view of the academy as a place of serious-minded thinking, abstruse ideas, recondite investigation and high cultural undertakings is seriously at odds with the popular perception of television, comic books, pop music and so on as frivolous and uncomplicated objects of simple enjoyment. Rather than accept that these forms may be more than they appear, it is easier to say that the academic who studies them (or the academy which allows such study) is shallow or trivial. This, possibly polemical, talk will assert the failure of understanding that often accompanies such narrow views, and the concomitant inability to engage seriously with the necessary levels of cultural literacy that the 21st century demands of an informed and engaged citizenry.

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