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FASS Thinking: Lecture with Maria Salgado

Date:02 May 2013, 5:00pm to
02 May 2013, 6:00pm
 KT1 2EE


Dancing Heresy: Natural Movement and the body politic

Departing from the arguments that emerged in The Dancing Times between 1917 and 1919, this presentation exposes the momentum and the struggles in the field that influenced the position and situation of ‘natural dancing’ in the United Kingdom. During this period, different  ‘natural dances’ gained enough ‘symbolic capital’ (Bourdieu, 1987) to make the English dance hierarchies feel threatened by confrontations where the imposition of a world vision as well as the authority inherent in recognition inside the field was at stake (Bourdieu, 1987, 1993). The existing dance societies established the “principles of vision” (the nomos) towards which dancers and teachers had to conform in order to be regarded as legitimate players in the dance field. ‘Natural dancing’, with its disaffiliation from pre-established forms and its focus on the individualism of its practitioners, ruptured with the orthodoxy of the standardised dance forms. 

Drinks reception in the Picton Room will follow.

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