Academic English Skills: The ELD Programme

The English Language Development Programme offers a wide range of courses to help you succeed on your degree. It is open to anyone but may be particularly useful for the following students at Kingston:

  • international and European students and students whose first language is not English;
  • students who have not studied in the UK before;
  • home students who would like to improve their academic writing and language.

You are now facing the challenges of meeting new people, attending lectures, seminars and workshops, and completing assignments - all in English - and sometimes using methods of teaching and learning which differ from those you have been used to. You may also find the expectations of university writing and studying in the UK quite challenging. The ELD programme is here to help you to achieve your potential in your studies.

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Our courses aim to:

  • develop the written and spoken communication skills you need to succeed at university and in your future career;
  • enhance the language and skills you need for essay and report writing, giving presentations and taking part in lectures and group work;
  • support and develop your study skills to a level where you are able to study effectively and successfully;
  • improve your confidence when using English, both within and outside the University;
  • increase your grammatical and idiomatic use of the English language; and
  • help you learn more about Britain and the British way of life.

The Programme focuses on the English you will need to use for your studies - English for academic purposes. You will work on tasks similar to those you will be required to do in your own academic courses, covering topics of academic, cultural and general interest. You will also have the chance to meet and work with other students from across the University.

The Programme runs free courses and 'drop-in' tutorials throughout the academic year. In addition, courses can provide you with points towards your Kingston award, adding value to your study at Kingston.