One-to-one tutorials in the LRCs Bookable 30-minute slots

Need advice on assignments?

One-to-one support and advice with experienced teachers. Come to any campus. Get advice about how to improve the quality of your academic writing.

In addition to the wide range of courses that we offer, you can also take advantage of one-to-one tutorials with our English language teachers on each campus. We have expertise in all aspects of academic skills including academic writing in different faculties as well as expertise in language issues such as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Why come for a tutorial?

You can come to discuss any aspect of academic skills or language. Come for any of the following:

  • An assessment of your current writing / speaking skills
  • An assessment of your particular English language issues
  • To discuss particular types of assignment writing
  • To discuss academic presentations or discussions in class
  • To discuss a piece of writing you are working on
  • To discuss any aspect of studying in the UK academic environment

Don't wait until you have an assignment!

Bring some writing you have done or are working on or just come along with your questions about any aspect of English, academic skills or assignment writing. The teachers will give you advice and suggest an action plan for you to follow, including courses from our EAPD programme that might benefit you.

You can book ONE 30-minute slot only (per 2/3-hour session). Book a slot.

If you can no longer attend, please CANCEL your booking so that someone else can be offered your place. If someone does not come, the slot becomes a 'Drop-in' slot for anyone waiting.

Please note: This is not a proof-reading service. We do not look at whole assignments. We will look at a section with you and provide recommendations for you to follow up.