About undergraduate study

All undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are offered within a modular degree scheme. This enables you to take a single field degree or combine fields in a variety of ways. Select a field from the undergraduate course list to find out more.

About the modular degree scheme

The basic building blocks of the scheme are fields and modules.

  • Fields are the main areas of study (e.g. History).
  • Modules are the units within each field (e.g. Modern British History).

What can I study?

You can choose to study a single field in depth (as a full field), or take a combination of two half fields (e.g. Film Studies and Drama). If you choose to study two half fields, you can combine them in equal proportions or choose one field as your Major and the other as your Minor.

How do I apply?

How much will it cost?

What award will I gain, and how long will it take?

Most of the undergraduate degree courses for full-time students last for three years and lead to a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) award. However, you can also complete a Certificate of Higher Education in one year and a Diploma in Higher Education in two years.

Degrees where a foreign language accounts for at least half of your course can be taken on a three or four year basis, with either one or two semesters spent in the relevant European country or countries. If you spend part of your time studying in designated overseas universities, you can often add other qualifications to your Kingston degree.

Full-time or part-time study?

The undergraduate modular scheme is designed to allow you to study as either a full-time or a part-time student.

All full-time students apply through the UCAS system and complete a whole level of their degree programme in a year.

If you are currently in a career or have commitments that prevent you from studying full-time, then part-time study may be the answer. In addition to gaining personal satisfaction and improving qualifications, some students find the part-time approach a good way to consolidate their present career, learn the latest developments in a field relating to work or even change direction after a career break.

We have a long record of recruiting mature students on many of the degree courses in the Faculty.

Further information

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All undergraduate degrees in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offer students the opportunity to Study or Work Abroad.


All students who go abroad for a year receive a tuition fee discount and a bursary or grant and they also get to have a global experience that boosts employability and starting salaries. Find out more about the study or work abroad programme at Kingston University.