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Doctoral study is exciting but demanding. A supportive supervisory team and research environment is crucial to success. Here in the Department of Criminology and Sociology we want doctoral students to have a rewarding and scholarly experience. Our goal is to enable PhD studentsí personal, professional and intellectual progression.

We offer expertise in sociology and criminology including:

studentsAcademic staff are trained supervisors who are equipped to offer guidance of the highest quality. All doctoral student join an established Faculty and professional development programme.

We also introduce PhD students to extended opportunities for scholarly development through professional bodies, academic networks, conferences, study groups and national training programmes. Our doctoral students are invited to participate fully in the Department as valued contributors to scholarship.

Apply for doctoral study in the Department of Criminology and Sociology and consult our staff profiles and project and clusters for supervision expertise.

Josh Bullock, doctoral researcher - profile

students"My name is Josh Bullock, I am a PhD student at Kingston University studying the sociology of atheism.

My experience as a doctoral student at Kingston University has been fantastic. My supervisors are extremely helpful and supportive. I am always able to contact them and have a very swift reply. I have been fortunate enough to sit in on Masters level modules to improve my research skills.

Everyone I have met so far in my department and others have offered great advice and made me feel welcome.

I have attended numerous events created specifically for postgraduate students to improve on research skills. These include being a professional researcher, and understanding research ethics and the external sources available for research.

My department make a real effort to ensure I am included in all activities, which is brilliant. I have already taught my first seminar, and I plan to take on more teaching during my second year. I have learnt how to electronically mark essays and I have attended teacher-training events.

The atmosphere of the university is vibrant. Brilliant research is taking place all around you. Kingston University make sure that as a doctoral student you feel more like a colleague rather than a student."

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