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Drama student profiles

Tilly Grainger - second year student

pic ofMy time at Kingston has been full of opportunities that I really feel will work really well in getting me ready to work in the arts industry. The course is incredibly modern and has allowed me to learn about all of the things I want to learn about. I'm not interested in becoming an actress or working on the stage, but I am interested in making and producing new theatre and getting it out into the public arena. I enjoy working practically through rehearsals and in lessons because I think it is essential to understand the work of the actor, but I've also had the chance to see how different methods and approaches can be beneficial in making performance. The theory behind all this practice is incredibly diverse and varied and I've enjoyed studying it in depth. It is also great being so close to the Rose theatre which houses new productions all the time and having the ability to get to London home of everything from the National Theatre to site-specific theatre, the West End and fringe venues so easily is also another bonus.

Josh Mathieson - second year student

pic ofSince moving to Kingston in September 2011, I've tried my best to get as 'stuck in' as I could. Indeed, how could I waste such fantastic opportunities, on the doorstep of one of the greatest cities in the world? And as an aspiring actor, there is certainly no shortage of opportunities. At Kingston I have had the chance to act in three short films and a number of extra-curricular theatre productions, including two for the annual International Youth Arts Festival. Outside the educational bubble, I've been lucky enough to get the lead in my favourite musical, teach drama to young people at the Rose Theatre and start my own theatre company. I'm making use of all the skills Drama has equipped me with, and readying myself for the inevitably challenging times ahead.

Alex John - third year student

pic ofStudying Drama with English Literature at Kingston, I’ve explored the works of a wide variety of playwrights and practitioners from Shakespeare and Sophocles to Beckett and Berkoff, and contemporary writers such as Simon Stephens and Anthony Nielsen. As well as writing essays on the relevant theories of drama and theatre, I’ve also been assessed through performances and short scripts for stage and radio plays. I’m currently co-directing a third year production of Howard Barker’s Wounds to the Face as part of the Production Project: Text module. I’ve also had a lot of extra-curricular opportunities in my time here. On top of attending workshops run by our drama department, I’ve acted in student productions of Othello, Martin McDonaugh’s Lieutenant of Inishmore and Simon Stephens’ Motortow’, as well as a couple of student-written plays. There’s lots to do here if you are willing to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities.


Sabrina Spencer - third year student

pic ofFrom my first year to my last as a Kingston drama student I have been involved with several student productions not only at the university itself, but also within the IYAF festival and Camden Fringe festival. In 2012 a group of fellow drama students and I created Eve Theatre Company ( We have produced work with the university and at outside venues. We have staged new works with MA students and our own works created through university modules we had taken such as 'scribbling and scriptwriting for the stage'. I have loved every new and exciting moment at Kingston and have been able to be my most creative self because of brilliant support of lecturers and peers and their sheer talent and enthusiasm.

Faye Thomas - third year student

During my time at Kingston I have tried to get involved with as many extracurricular productions as possible. They have not only been great experience and fun, but I have also gained close friends. As well as doing productions in the drama building, the department also take shows to Edinburgh, Camden fringe festival and IYAF (International Youth Arts Festival). At the beginning of second year, me and 6 other students decided we wanted to create our own company (EVE Theatre Company). In the past year we have put on fourteen plays in professional venues, four of which were commissioned by the Drama Department to take to the Camden Fringe Festival. We are working with the Department again for Camden Fringe this year (2013) and we are also taking plays written by members of our company to IYAF 2013. The Drama team has been very supportive to us as a new company, lecturers have been available for advice and tips!

My time at Kingston has been very busy but also very rewarding, I have learnt and done things I never thought I could do (such as clown, burlesque, commedia etc). The main thing I have taken from my time here is if you don't ask, you don't get. Make the most of the time and opportunities you have here and with the people you're are working with, because it will fly by!

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