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English undergraduate courses

At Kingston you have a choice of undergraduate English courses:

You can also study these combined degrees:

English Literature is an established and well regarded degree course focused upon the study of writing in diverse forms and contexts. It allows you to study fiction and non-fiction produced over several centuries and in multiple countries. It also allows you to combine the pleasures of reading and analysing literature with the acquisition of valuable employability skills.

You will study the genres of fiction, drama and poetry, and will consider what fiction is as a genre, learn to interpret poetry from different historical periods and analyse a range of dramatic work. You will also examine literature within the social, cultural, critical and political contexts in which it was written, and explore contemporary developments in critical and theoretical approaches to text.

In Years 2 and 3, we also offer a wide range of optional modules, which allows you to focus on particular areas of interest. In addition you will enjoy a stimulating learning environment with approachable tutors and a high level of academic support.

The Kingston Language Scheme (KLS) offers free courses in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian, at several levels ranging from complete beginners to advanced. Students are encouraged to take a language for the whole duration of their degrees, therefore progressing up the levels to achieve a high level of linguistic competence by the end of their studies at Kingston. Fluency in a foreign language is one of the best ways to boost your CV.

CASE offers students one-to-one help with their studies, supporting both undergraduate and postgraduate students with:

  • researching and presenting;
  • structuring and editing traditional academic writing;
  • structuring and editing multimedia texts; and
  • referencing.

CASE also provides a range of resources to enhance employability, including help with writing CVs, application forms and interview preparation. Results show that students who use the centre are significantly more likely to complete their degrees. As they are better equipped to act on feedback, they also tend to do better in their studies.

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