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Zoochosis by Nana Paskesen

Film and TV story

Zoochosis (2014) the documentary Nana Paskesen made last year for her a Media Research Project, had its first television broadcast.

Ensuring a good welfare for animals housed in zoos, is not an easy job. In captivity, animals may face a number of challenges which evolution has not prepared them for and this disables the animal to fulfil their behavioural needs. Repetitive, abnormal behaviour is often regarded as an indicator of poor welfare and is studied as a coping mechanism and measures of stress which can potentially go on to cause brain dysfunction. I believe that the display of abnormal behaviour patterns are not recognised enough by the public eye.

That is why I made this documentary. I wanted to educate you about what lies behind these stereotypic behaviours which we can easily identify, but might not have given a further thought about, or brought a negative judgement upon when visiting the zoo. The study of stereotypic behaviour is complicated with many important factors that determines the health of a captive animal. 'Zoochosis' brings you the whole picture of how animals experience living in a stressful and unnatural environment, and how it effects their mental and natural life.

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