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History study

History Department icon History at Kingston is about excellent and enjoyable learning and teaching. We are innovative, in how we teach and research and also in how we collaborate, with local and wider communities in historic Kingston and London and with other institutions in the university sector and beyond. Our Centre for the Historical Record is a trailblazer in the digitisation of historical resources.

If you are interested in the history of the modern world and how the past influences the present our courses explore the history of many countries and covers many different histories: of people, cultures and societies, and of states and governments.

Students at Kingston can pursue studies leading to a research degree, an academic career or to wider employment opportunities in the media, heritage and publishing industries.

Personal tutor scheme

The teaching team is committed to providing the support you need to facilitate your transition to university life. We pride ourselves on our approachability and readiness to help. The personal tutor scheme, designed to help you from your very first week, is the embodiment of this commitment. As an integral part of your first year of study, you will be placed in a small seminar group, led by the same member of the teaching team for the whole year. That seminar leader will also be your personal tutor throughout your degree, providing support in your learning, your personal development and in developing your career aspirations.

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