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Atsuko Ichijo is a sociologist interested in nationalism. Atsuko is a member of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism, a body she ran for two years from 1995-97. She is also a member of the editorial team of ASEN's journal, Nations and Nationalism. Atsuko is the course leader for MSc in Politics and MSc in Nationalism.
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Dr Jonathan Gilmore's research examines the deployment of cosmopolitan commitments and ethos in foreign and security policy. He is particularly interested in the ways in which military structures, techniques, training and doctrine may be evolving towards a cosmopolitan-minded approach and the impact this might have on the practices of international relations.
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Dr Marko Hoare specialises in the history of South East Europe, in particular of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Bosnia-Hercegovina. He is the author of three published books: 'The History of Bosnia: From the Middle Ages to the Present Day'; 'Genocide and Resistance in Hitler's Bosnia: The Partisans and the Chetniks, 1941-1943'; and 'How Bosnia armed' (London: Saqi Books, 2004). He is currently working on a history of twentieth-century Serbia.
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Name Job title
Dr Orna Almog Senior Lecturer
Dr Steven Bastow Director of Studies
Stephen Bowen Senior Lecturer
Antonio Cerella Politics, Int Relations, Human Rights
Dr Simon Choat Senior Lecturer
Dr Radu Cinpoes Senior Lecturer
Prof Paul Dixon Professor
Prof Ilaria Favretto Professor
Peter Finn Lecturer
Dr Jonathan Gilmore Senior Lecturer
Dr Andre Higginbottom Associate Professor
Dr Marko Hoare Associate Professor
Dr Atsuko Ichijo Associate Professor
Amanda Latimer Lecturer
Dr Hannah Miller Senior Lecturer
Dr Nevena Nancheva Lecturer
Dr Robin Pettitt Senior Lecturer
Dr Ronald Ranta Senior Lecturer

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