Prof David Herbert

Position: Chair In Criminology/Sociology
School: School Of Social And Behavioural Sciences
Extension: 66908
Location: Penrhyn Road

Educational and professional qualifications

1991-1993 PG Dip Health Education & Health Promotion , Leeds Metropolitan University
1990-1996 PhD Community Religions Project , University of Leeds
1987-1990 BA Hons Combined Studies Sociology, Religion, Psychology , University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Professional experience (post-1990)

2010- Professor of Religion and Society, Univeristy of Agder, Norway
2009-2010 Assistant Professor Sociology of Religion, University of Groningen, Netherlands
2007-2009 Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Open University, UK
2004-5 Lecturer in Reconciliation Studies, Trinity College, Dublin, RoI
1996-2004 and 2005-7 Staff Tutor, Open University, Open University, UK


TEACHING (most recent first, since 1996)

University of Agder, Norway (2010-):

PhD Programme in Religion, Ethics and Society
Foundation Course Co-ordinator: Scientific Theory, Method and Research Ethics,
Short courses in Sociology of Religion,
Using Theory in Interdisciplinary Research,
Researching Religious Diversity and Religion and Migration
Masters in Religion, Ethics and Society: Religion and Modernity (in comparative perspective – Western and Muslim majority societies)
Research Methods.

Undergraduate: Religion and Ethics, Religion in Social Scientific Perspective,

University of Groningen, Netherlands (2009-10, Summer School August 2011 and 2012):

Masters: Fundamentalism and Religious Radicalism

Undergraduate: Religion and Politics; Sociology of Religion; Religion in Public Life

Open University, UK 1996-2009, except 2004-5 (leave of absence for visiting lectureship)
Islam in the West: the politics of co-existence; Politics, Media, War: 9/11 and its impacts; Ethnography (Masters); Introducing Media; Religion Today: Tradition, Modernity and Change; European Identities; Religious Diversity in Britain from 1945

Trinity College Dublin, Eire (2004-5, except where stated)
Masters in Reconciliation Studies programme, Belfast. Post-Conflict Transitions (Bosnia, Israel, South Africa), Resources for Reconciliation in the World's Religions Social Research Methods.

Research supervision


University of Agder: S Kit 'Inter-religious Dialogue in the Public Sphere: A Case Study of Electronic Discourse on the “Allah Controversy” in Malaysia' (completed awaiting examination); A Larsen: Religion, Politics and Identity in the Tamil Diaspora'; L-M Solberg, ‘Women’s Activist Groups in Palestine’

Open University: M Krasia 'Religious and Citizenship Education in Cyprus' (student currently suspended on maternity leave.

Completed PhDs Supervised

University of Agder: T Steen-Johnsen ‘The Role of Religious Leaders in Conflict Resolution in Ethiopia’

Open University: Peter Shepherd 'Christian Education in a Pluralist Society: the Role of Church of England Schools' (part-time1998-2003), Elaine Housby 'Islamic Financial Services in the United Kingdom', (full time, 2002-2005), published by Edinburgh University Press. Max Fras 'The Influence of the Polish Catholic Church on Polish Society and Politics' (2013).

Research areas

Criminology and Sociology: Cultural Conflict 2.0: The Dynamics of Religion, Media and Locality in North European Cities
Criminology and Sociology: Engaging with Conflicts in Mediatized Religious Environments


Norwegian Resarch Council: SAMKUL for Engaging with Conflicts in Mediatised Religious Environments
Result: successful
Norwegian Resarch Council: FRIHUMSAM for Cultural Conflict 2.0
Result: successful

International connections

University of Agder, Professor 2.

Research outputs

Number of items: 3.


Herbert, David (2014) Racism in the Netherlands: a social scientific analysis of the dynamics of the Dutch multicultural backlash. Frame: Journal for Literary Studies, 27(2), ISSN (print) 0924-7750

Book Section

Herbert, David (2015) Theorising religious republicisation in Europe: religion, media and public controversy in the Netherlands and Poland, 2000-2012. In: Granholm, K. , Moberg, M. and Sjo, Sofia, (eds.) Religion, media and social change. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 54-70. ISBN 9780415742825

Herbert, David (2014) Religion, de-traditionalization and backlashes against multiculturalism in Northern Europe: a comparison of Dutch, Northern Irish and English cases (2001-11). In: Wolfe, John, (ed.) Irish religious conflict in comparative perspective: Catholics, Protestants and Muslims. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 206-225. ISBN 9781137351890

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