Dr Mark Ramsden

Position: Senior Lecturer
School: Psychology, Criminology and Sociology
Email: M.Ramsden@kingston.ac.uk
Extension: NA
Location: Room Pr Mb 3024, Penrhyn Road


Keywords: social and spatial inequalities; education and schooling; labour markets and occupation; housing; ethnicity; social class; quantitative research methods; spatial analysis

I have two strands to my research. I am interested in how social and spatial inequalities are reproduced through education and labour markets, and in particular how social class becomes expressed in terms of occupation and educational achievement. Recent work analyses the Pupil Level School Annual Census (PLASC) to examine the influence on social class, ethnicity, gender, and other social and spatial factors on pupil attainment. A current project includes the development of new understandings and definitions of social class, connecting up structural approaches to newer, approaches on identity, providing greater unity between theoretical and more empirical based approaches.

The second strand of my research explores the contemporary rejection of rational and scientific thinking and ideas associated with ‘the West’ and modernity. Through academic and popular issues such as social class and identity, debates in health and illness, development, and academic research methods I examine the contemporary critique of rational and scientific method. In particular, I am interested how this frequently takes the form of rejecting generalisations, a contemporary search for multiplicity, and a desire to separate quantitative research methods from qualitative ones.

Areas of expertise include spatial analysis and other quantitative research methods.

Educational and professional qualifications

1998 Phd 'From Excess Supply to Low Levels of Surplus Labour: the Transition in Chile in the 1980s and 1990s' , University of Liverpool
1990 MA Latin American Studies , University of Liverpool
1988 BA(Hons) Economic and Social History, Philosophy and Archaeology , University of Liverpool

Professional experience (post-1990)

2007-2010 Lecturer in Social and Spatial Inequality, University of Sheffield
2005-2007 Research Fellow, Kings College London
2003-2005 Senior Researcher, Middlesex University
2000-2003 Research Associate and Teaching Assistant, University of Cambridge
1999-2000 Labour Market Intelligence Officer, University of Manchester

Research outputs

Number of items: 28.


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Book Section

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