The Woman Who Dared: A Biography of Amy Levy

Christine Pullen

"Fascinating[...] will appeal to the general reader."

Dr Jane Jordan, Kingston University

Born at a time of change, when the conservative forces of high Victorianism were crumbling under the pressure of the social and political movements that would shape the modern world, she was a pioneer from the outset. Levy was the first Jewish woman to study at Newnham College, Cambridge. After leaving the university she pursued a career as a professional writer and embarked upon a series of lengthy journeys to Continental Europe to gather material for articles and short stories which she submitted to contemporary journals. This was at a time when women rarely travelled abroad unless accompanied by a suitable male chaperone. When at home in London she continued to defy convention, travelling freely within the city and socialising within the most advanced intellectual circles of her era. But in due course the conflict between the demands of her career and the expectations of her family took its toll upon her fragile physical and mental health. In consequence, in true fin de siècle style, she committed suicide, suffocating herself with charcoal fumes at her parents' home in Bloomsbury just one month before her twenty-eighth birthday.

Christine Pullen's ground-breaking biography takes us on an intriguing journey and brings Amy Levy to life once more, illustrating the problems faced by the women of her era and highlighting her role as a pioneer of the modernist movement.

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Dr Christine Pullen lives and works in London as a freelance writer and researcher.

The Woman Who Dared: A Biography of Amy Levy

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  • Publication date: Spring 2010
  • Format: Paperback
  • Price: £13.99
  • ISBN: 978-1-899999-43-9