Like A Lodged Bullet: The Holocaust through the eyes of children

by Sara Valentina Di Palma

“One has to go into oneself – into one´s childhood - to be able to get out of oneself...”

It is estimated that nearly 90 per cent of Jewish children caught up in the Holocaust perished: around a million and a half all together. Those who came out of the camps agreed that their moral obligation to the dead, who no longer have their own voice, is to testify. Years may be necessary to metabolise personal experiences and extract a refined memory. As memory matures with the passage of time, today the survivors are ready to face their own past.

The aim of this work is to recount the events of childhood from a child’s perspective, but also from the consideration that, in general, children are often forgotten by history, and that is true even for an event as well-studied as the Holocaust.

The book examines the historical response to the totalitarian Nazi system from the discriminated and persecuted Jewish children. It also examines the actions and transformations in those children, who were stigmatized by the racial legislation which limited their future. The touching accounts by the witnesses themselves and their analyses are framed in a rigorous historical context that gives readers a framework of the historical and historiographical questions.

Key features/publicity

  • Provides an approach which focuses on memory recovery, and strongly stresses that writing the history of persecuted childhood is both possible and necessary;
  • Uses an interdisciplinary approach combining psychology, psychoanalysis, anthropology and sociology, especially regarding memory recovery, in order to reconstruct the children’s cultural environments through their own voices and experiences.
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Publication details

  • Publication date: 26 March 2015
  • Format: Hardback
  • Price: £45.00
  • ISBN: 978-1-899999-80-4
  • Categories: Human rights, human history