Sustainability In Practice From Local to Global: Making a Difference

Nicola Corrigan, Sarah Sayce and Ros Taylor

"I will certainly be keen to use Sustainability in Practice in my teaching on education and sustainable development and feel it is a most useful addition to the literature. It gives higher education institutions, and people working and studying in them, useful strategies for becoming more environmentally sustainable."

Professor Susan Buckingham, Centre for Human Geography, Brunel University

The recent financial crash has made it obvious that our society must undergo a change in values. Old free-market ideologies have been proven to be unsuitable, businesses run purely for profit damage our world. We need a new system, and fast, where sustainability and quality of life, rather than GDP and shareholder's returns, are the measurements we use.

Sustainability in Practice From Global to Local: Making a Difference provides an extensive guide to the issues, showcasing relevant research while informing those who want to make a difference how to go about it.

Topics include:

  • Greening People and Places;
  • Empowerment and Change;
  • Case Studies in Sustainable Development;
  • Policy to Practice;
  • Educational Change;
  • Sustainability and the Professions and Transformation and Change.

Key features/publicity

  • Hot topic - appeals to a large audience by bringing together academia, business, local government and other practitioners to evaluate and discuss the extent to which real progress in sustainability had been achieved
  • Ros Taylor is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4's topical environmental discussion programme, Home Planet
  • Reviews planned for The Independent, Local Environment, Creative Review, Permaculture Magazine, Architectural Review; Mailings to local councils, business groups/schools/government agencies


Nicola Corrigan has over ten years experience in environmental management and corporate social responsibility. As Sustainability Facilitator at Kingston University, she leads the University's multi-award winning Sustainability Team.

Sarah Sayce, a Chartered Surveyor by profession, is now Professor and Head of the School of Surveying and Planning at Kingston University. She is Chair of the University's Centre for Sustainable Communities Achieved through Integrated Professional Education (C-SCAIPE).

Ros Taylor is an ecologist by background. At Kingston she has developed and run the environmental sciences undergraduate programmes and has instigated undergraduate and postgraduate courses on sustainable development and led sustainability initiatives with local businesses.

Sustainability In Practice From Local to Global: Making a Difference

Publication details

  • Publication date: Autumn 2009
  • Format: Large Paperback
  • Size: A4
  • Price: £18.99
  • Extent: 256pp
  • ISBN: 978-1-899999-44-6
  • Categories: Environment, Sustainability, Business