Latest acquisitions

Description Date Source
A Selection of the Letters of Iris Murdoch (1919-1999) to Philippa Foot (1920-2010) 1942 to 1990  
Iris Murdoch and Philippa Foot Letters early 1940 to early 1990  
Iris Murdoch and Harry Weinberger Letters 1997 to mid 1995  
61 letters from Iris Murdoch to Hal Lidderdale 1945-1950  
Poet Venturers poety collection, edited by Iris Murdoch and including four of her poems, with a foreword by W.H. Auden 1938  
Transcript of Iris Murdoch interview with James Mellen (PDF file, 49 KB) 1978 Gillian Dooley
164 letters from Iris Murdoch to Raymond Queneau 1946-1975  
Copies of 29 letters from Iris Murdoch to Janine Canan 1984-1996 Janine Canan
2 letters from Iris Murdoch to Harry Hofstra 1st letter date unknown
2nd letter dated Oct 11 year unknown
Harry Hofstra
1 photograph and 3 negatives of Iris Murdoch 1984 Janine Canan
6 letters from Iris Murdoch to Cheryl Bove 1990-1992  
33 letters from Iris Murdoch to Suguna Ramanathan 1983-1995  
1 letter from John Bayley to Suguna Ramanathan also signed by Iris Murdoch date unknown  
Letter from Iris Murdoch to Miss P Stringer 1982  
Kalliope Vol. 8 Nos 1 & 2, containing article by Janine Canan describing visit by Iris Murdoch to University of California 1986  
Pereira, I Rice. The transcendental formal logic of the infinite. New York: I Rice Pereira 1966 Rachel Fenner
Langer, Suzanne K. Philosophy in a new key. New York: Mentor 1942 Rachel Fenner
1 photograph of Iris Murdoch at Kingston University graduation ceremony, Barbican Centre November 1983  
Carbon copy typescript of 'Nostalgia for the Particular', the first paper read by Iris Murdoch to the Aristotelian Society 9 June 1952  
138 letters and 59 notes and postcards from Iris Murdoch to Roly Cochrane plus 3 page commentary by IM on a manuscript of Roly Cochrane's    
CD recordings
Iris Murdoch on Janine Canan's answer machine April 1984  
KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, Interview with Iris Murdoch April 1984  
Excerpt, KPFA tribute to Iris Murdoch: Interview and Janine Canan reading 'A visit from Iris' 1986  
Photograph of a desk in Iris Murdoch's study