Iris Murdoch Newsletter

The Iris Murdoch Newsletter ceased publication and was replaced in 2008 by the Iris Murdoch Review, a more substantial peer reviewed publication.

Newsletter 19 (2006)

  • Peter Conradi: Iris Murdoch and Wales
  • John Fletcher: John Bayley's Radical Innocence
  • Frances White: Murdoch and Midgley:The Owls of Minerva
  • John Clarke: Review of The Owl of Minerva: A Memoir by Mary Midgley
  • Barbara Stevens Heusel: Review of Sexuality, Gender and Power in Iris Murdoch's Fiction by Tammy Grimshaw
  • Peter Conradi: On Iris Murdoch's Pen Friendships
  • Anne Rowe: 'Thou Art the Journey': The Sister Marian Letters
  • Peter Conradi: Divine though Unfinished': Letters to Roly Cochcrane
  • Mark Luprecht: A Most Uncritical Critique: Looking at Murdoch's Textual Notes for Elias Canetti's Crowds and Power (1962)
  • Editorial Column: Report on the Iris Murdoch Panel at the 2006 Twentieth Century Literature Conference at the University of Louisville on 23-25 February 2006>
  • Jane Ruddell: The Iris Murdoch Special Collection at Kingston University
  • The Iris Murdoch Society: Treasurer's report

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Newsletter 18 (2005)

  • Margaret Drabble: Review of The Power of Delight: A Lifetime in Literature Essays 1962-2002 by John Bayley
  • Peter Conradi: Review of Party in the Blitz by Elias Canetti
  • Suzy Feay: "Iris Murdoch Memorised"
  • Laurie Lindberg: Review of The Myths We Live By by Mary Midgley
  • Frances White: "The Good, the Nice, and the Ugly"
  • Wendy Vaizey: "'Lifting up their faces to the heat of the risen sun': Murdoch and Authorship"
  • Frances White: "A non-professional Delegate's-eye view of the 2nd International Iris Murdoch Conference, held at Kingston University, 17-18th September 2004"
  • Summary of the Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Iris Murdoch held at Kingston University, September 17-18th 2004>
  • Editorial Column
  • Treasurer's Report

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Newsletter 17 (2004)

  • Maria Antonaccio, 'The Predatoriness of Love': Martha Nussbaum on Iris Murdoch: A Life.
  • Julian Preece, 'The God Monster's Version.'
  • Bran Nicol, Review of From a Tiny Corner in the House of Fiction: Conversations with Iris Murdoch, edited by Gillian Dooley.
  • Priscilla Martin, Review of Iris Murdoch: The Retrospective Fiction (2nd edition) by Bran Nicol; On Modern British Fiction, edited by Zachary Leader; Iris Murdoch: The Essential Guide by Margaret Reynolds and Jonathan Noakes.
  • Galen Strawson, Review of Iris Murdoch as I Knew Her by A N Wilson.
  • John Fletcher, Review of Iris Murdoch as I Knew Her by A N Wilson.
  • Paul Binding, Review of Frank Thompson: Selected Poems, edited by Dorothy and Kate Thompson.
  • Julian Preece: Review of From Prague Poet to Oxford Anthropologist: Franz Baermann Steiner Celebrated. Essays and Translations, edited by Jeremy Adler, Richard Fardon and Carol Tully.

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Newsletter 16 (2003)

  • Peter Conradi, 'Writing Iris Murdoch: A Life - Freud versus Multiplicity.'
  • Bran Nicol, 'The Perfect Crime - Murdoch, Psychoanalysis and Authorship.'
  • George Soule, Review of The Visual Arts and the Novels of Iris Murdoch by Anne Rowe.
  • Barbara Heusel, Review of Iris Murdoch Special Issue (Modern Fiction Studies), edited by David Herman
  • Rachel Zuckert, Review of Natural Goodness by Phillipa Foot.
  • Martin Corner, Review of Iris Murdoch for Beginners by Bran Nicol.
  • Anthony O Edmunds, Review of Iris, directed by Richard Eyre.
  • Abstracts: Papers from the 20th-Century Literature Conference, Louisville, Kentucky.

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Newsletter 15 (2001)

  • Ines Schlenker, 'Painting the Author: The Portrait of Iris Murdoch by Marie Louise Motesiczky.'
  • Peter Conradi, 'Did Iris Murdoch Draw from Life?'
  • Gillian Dooley, Extracts from the introduction to Conversations with Iris Murdoch.
  • Mary Midgley, Review of Iris Murdoch: A Life by Peter Conradi.
  • Priscilla Martin, Review of The Saint and the Artist by Peter Conradi.
  • Phillipa Foot, Review of Privileged Moments: Encounters with Writers by Jeffrey Meyers.
  • Bridget Clarke, Review of Picturing the Human, by Maria Antonaccio.
  • Teresa Bela, Review of Perspektywa etyczna w powiesciach Iris Murdoch by Maria Jedrzejkiewicz.
  • J Robert Baker, Review of Iris Murdoch's Paradoxical Novels by Barbara Heusel.

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Newsletter 14 (2000)

  • Iris Murdoch, 'Iris Murdoch: A Memoir of Philippa Foot.'
  • Peter Conradi, 'Return to Bulgaria 1999.'
  • Fergus Kerr, 'Iris Murdoch's Style of Philosophical Argument.'
  • Madeline Merlini, 'The Response of Italian Critics to the Work of Iris Murdoch.'
  • Jack Stewart, Review of Iris and Her Friends: A Memoir of Memory and Desire by John Bayley.
  • George Soule, Review of Iris Murdoch: The Retrospective Fictions by Bran Nicol.
  • Stephen Mulhall, Review of Iris Murdoch and the Search for Human Goodness, edited by Maria Antonaccio and William Schweiker.
  • Ralph McInerny, Review of Iris Murdoch's Giffords, a Study of the 1982 Gifford Lectures, edited by R.A. Gillies.
  • John Fletcher, Review of Four British Woman Novelists: Anita Brookner, Margaret Drabble, Iris Murdoch, Barbara Pym; An Annotated and Critical Secondary Bibliography by George Soule.
  • Francois Gallix, Review of La Vision dans L'Univers Romanesque d'Iris Murdoch by Mathilde La Cassagnere.

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Newsletter 13 (1999)

  • Philippa Foot, 'Obituary. A Personal Memoir: Iris Murdoch.'
  • Philippa Foot, 'Iris at home in London.'
  • Eric Christiansen, 'Iris Bayley: A tribute in small change.'
  • Josephine Hart, 'Iris Murdoch, December 15th 1985.'
  • Iris Murdoch, 'Notes on my relations with my characters.'
  • Madeline Merlini, Review of Iris: A Memoir of Iris Murdoch by John Bayley.
  • Anne Rowe, 'Critical Reception in England of Iris: A Memoir of Iris Murdoch by John Bayley."'
  • Priscilla Martin, Review of Beyond the Frontier by E P Thompson.
  • Fergus Kerr, Review of Patterned Aimlessness by Barbara Stevens Heusel.
  • Anne Rowe, Review of Poems by Iris Murdoch, edited by Yozo Muroya and Paul Hullah.

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Newsletter 12 (1998)

  • John Bayley, Iris: A Memoir of Iris Murdoch [two extracts].
  • Canon Reginald Askew, 'The Occasional Clergyman.'
  • Stephan Mulhall, Review of Immortal Longings: Versions of Transcending Humanity by Fergus Kerr.

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Newsletter 11 (1997)

  • Iris Murdoch, 'The Ontological Proof.'
  • Peter Conradi, 'Memoir, Festchrift, Biography.'
  • Scott Dunbar, 'Philosophy, Art and Morals: Reflections on Existentialists and Mystics.'
  • Anne Rowe, 'Alzheimer's Appeal.'
  • Anne Rowe, 'Critical Reception of Existentialists and Mystics in the United Kingdom.'
  • Carolinas Symposium on British Studies, Report and Paper Abstracts
  • Albert R Cirillo, 'In Memoriam: Elizabeth Dipple.'
  • John J Burke, Jr., 'On the Boundaries of Paedophilia.'

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Newsletter 10 (1996)

  • Arthur Green, 'The Worlds of Iris Murdoch'
  • David W Beams, 'In Defense of Bruno's Dream.'
  • Francis Mayhew Rippy, 'Katabasis in Virgil and Murdoch.'
  • Peter J Conradi, Review of Questioning Krishnamurti.
  • John J Burke, Jr., Review of Iris Murdoch's Fables of Unselfing by David Gordon.
  • Anne Rowe, Review of Women Philosophers, edited by Mary Warnock.
  • Cheryl Bove, Review of Iris Murdoch by Hilda Spear.
  • Cheryl Bove, Review of Imagining Characters: Six Conversations about Women Writers by A S Byatt and Ignes Sodre, edited by Rebecca Swift.
  • Cheryl Bove, Review of Human Relationships in the Novels of Iris Murdoch by Malada Frankova.
  • Anne Rowe, "Cheltenham Literature Festival."
  • University of Iowa Libraries Program on Iris Murdoch's Work

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Newsletter 9 (1995)

  • Iris Murdoch, 'Address to Kingston University Graduates'
  • Malcolm Williamson, 'Adapting A Year of Birds'
  • Nancy Schaumburger, Interview with Iris Murdoch'
  • Priscilla Martin, Sir Gawain and The Green Knight.
  • John J Burke, Jr., 'Bloom Canonizes Murdoch.'
  • Elizabeth Dipple, Review of Jackson's Dilemma.
  • Anne Rower, Review of critical reception of Jackson's Dilemma.
  • Anne Rowe, Review of A S Byatt's Degrees of Freedom, The Early Novels of Iris Murdoch.
  • Anne Rowe, Review of Morals and Writing (1940-1990), edited by Mercedes Bengoechea and Ricardo Sola.
  • John Fletcher, 'New Primary: Additions to Fletcher and Bove.'
  • Teaching/Studying Iris Murdoch: Student Essays from Kingston University.

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Newsletter 8 (1994)

  • John J Burke, Jr., Review of Iris Murdoch: A Descriptive Primary and Annotated Secondary Bibliography by John Fletcher and Cheryl Bove.
  • Priscilla Martin, Review of Platonism and the English Imagination edited by Anna Baldwin and Sarah Hutton.

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Newsletter 7 (1993)

  • William C Carter, 'Murdoch Appears in Proust Film.'
  • Angela Hague, Review of Understanding Iris Murdoch by Cheryl Bove.
  • Christine Anne Evans, Review of Agencies of the Good in the Work of Iris Murdoch by Diana Phillips.

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Newsletter 6 (1992)

  • Peter J Conradi, Review of Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals by Iris Murdoch.
  • John Burke, Jr., 'Iris Murdoch Responds to Our Questions'
  • Nancy E Schaumburger, 'The Conversion of Hilary Burde in A Word Child.'
  • Christine Ann Evans, Review of Understanding Elias Canetti by Richard H Lawson.
  • Peter J Conradi, Review of Sound and Sense: Musical Allusion and Imagery in the Novels of Iris Murdoch by Darlene D Mettler.

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Newsletter 5 (1991)

  • John J Burke, Jr., 'Iris Murdoch Answers Our Questions'
  • Christine Ann Evans, Review of Iris Murdoch: Figures of Good by Suguna Ramanthan.
  • Cheryl Bove, Review of A Female Vision of the City: London in the Novels of Five British Women by Christine Wick Sizemore.

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Newsletter 4 (1990)

  • Cheryl Bove, News from National Arts Club Literary Award Dinner Honoring Iris Murdoch
  • Dennis Moore, Dame Iris Receives Medal of Honor in Manhattan
  • John J Burke, Jr., 'Iris Murdoch and the Ghost of Jean-Paul Sartre' (abstract)
  • Cheryl Bove, 'The Enchanting Landscape: France as a Setting in Under the Net and Nuns and Soldiers' (abstract)
  • Lisa Heijn, 'Simone Weil and Iris Murdoch's Saints' (abstract)
  • Christine Ann Evans, 'A Range of American Responses to The Message to the Planet' (abstract)

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Newsletter 3 (1989)

  • John J Burke, Jr., 'Murdoch, Sartre, and Song'

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Newsletter 2 (1988)

  • John J Burke, Jr., 'The Philosophical Fable in The Philosopher's Pupil.'
  • Christine Ann Evans, 'Iris Murdoch and the Forms of Popular Literature, Or Who Shot Radeechy?'
  • Barbara Stevens Heusel, 'The Carnivalesque in The Philosopher's Pupil: A Bakhtinian Reading of Iris Murdoch'
  • Barbara Stevens Heusel, Review of Encounters with Iris Murdoch.

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Newsletter 1 (1987)

  • John J Burke, Jr., 'Iris Murdoch at Tulane University.'
  • John Fletcher, 'The Birth of a Writer: Iris Murdoch Before 1950.'

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