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The Iris Murdoch Newsletter ceased publication and was replaced in 2008 by the Iris Murdoch Review, a more substantial peer reviewed publication.

Review 4 (2013)

  • Anne Rowe - Editorial Preface
  • Iris Murdoch - An Unpublished 1983 Interview with Peter J. Conradi
  • BBC Radio 4 - Broadcast as part of the 'Head to Head' Series: 'Ideas of Freedom'
  • Ian d´Alton - Iris Murdoch's Irish Identity: The Case of Something Special
  • Gary Browning - Iris Murdoch and the Political: From Bohemia to the Nice and the Good
  • Peter J. Conradi -Talking with the Dead
  • Anne Chisholm - Review of A Very English Hero: The Making of Frank Thompson by Peter J. Conradi
  • Stephen Mulhall - Review of Iris Murdoch, Philosopher, edited by Justin Broackes
  • Jessy Jordan - Review of A Philosophy to Live By: Engaging Iris Murdoch by Maria Antonaccio
  • David Robjant - Review of Iris Murdoch's Contemporary Retrieval of Plato: The Influence of an Ancient Philosopher on a Modern Novelist by Sonja Zuba
  • Scott Moore - Review of Iris Murdoch: Texts and Contexts, edited by Anne Rowe and Avril Horner
  • Avril Horner - Review of Iris Murdoch: Gender and Philosophy, Sabina Lovibond
  • Emma Miller - Review of Iris Murdoch: Philosopher Meets Novelist, edited by Sofia de Melo Araújo and Fátima Vieira
  • Katie Giles - Report on the Iris Murdoch Collections in Kingston University Archives and Special Collections 2012 - 2013
  • Anne Rowe - Recent Acquisitions: Letters to Rachel Fenner; Poems and Letters to Wallace Robson
  • Pamela Osborn - Report on 'Portraits of Writers: Bidisha on Iris Murdoch' at the National Portrait Gallery, 2012
  • Frances White - Report on 'An Arc of Friendship: Iris Murdoch and Philippa Foot': A Community Project run by Iris Murdoch Archive and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Daniel Read - Report on the Sixth International Conference on Iris Murdoch at Kingston University, 2012
  • Recent and Forthcoming Events and Books
  • Notes on Contributors

Review 3 (2011)

  • Iris Murdoch - A Postscript to 'On "God" and "Good"', with an introduction by Justin Broakes
  • Iris Murdoch - Interview commissioned by Radio New Zeland, first broadcast 1978
  • Jill Paton Walsh - Philosophy and the Novel
  • Peter J. Conradi - Obituary for Philippa Foot
  • Priscilla Martin - Review of A Writer at War: Iris Murdoch Letters and Diaries 1938-46, edited by Peter Conradi
  • Bran Nicol - Review of Literary Lives: Iris Murdoch, by Priscilla Martin and Anne Rowe
  • David J. Gordon - Review of Morality and the Novel, edited by Anne Rowe and Avril Horner
  • Nick Turner - Review of Iris Murdoch and the Moral Imaginations, edited by M.F. Simone Roberts and Alison Scott-Baumann
  • Elaine Morley - Review of Iris Murdoch and her Work: Critical Essays, edited by Mustafa Kirca and Sulle Okuroglu
  • M.F. Simone Roberts - Review of Iris Murdoch: Philosophical Novelist, by Miles Leeson
  • Miles Leeson - Review of Post-War British Fiction as 'Metaphysical Ethography': God, Godgames and Goodness in John Fowles' The Magus and Iris Murdoch's The Sea, The Sea, by Roula Ikonomakis
  • Cheryl Bove - Review of Chance and the Modern British Novel: From Henry Green to Iris Murdoch, by Julia Jordan
  • Valerie Purton - Review of Post-War British Novelists and the Canon by Nick Turner
  • Katie Giles - Report from the Iris Murdoch Collections in the Archives of Kingston University: August 2011
  • Rivka Isaacson - Report on 'Iris Murdoch Revisited', Special Event at the Royal Society of Literature
  • Janfarie Skinner - Report of 'Dishevelled virtue: the good, the bad, and the chaotic in the novels of Iris Murdoch', Woodstock Literature Society

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Review 2 (2010)

  • Frances White: "The world is just a transit camp": Diaspora in the Fiction of 6 Iris Murdoch
  • Maria K. Smolenska Greenwood: Dilemmas of Difference: The Polish Figure and the Moral World in Iris Murdoch's Nuns and Soldiers
  • Madeline Merlini: Italian Influences in the Novels of Iris Murdoch
  • Chiho Omichi: Netsuke in Iris Murdoch's Novels
  • Nick Turner: 'It was badly done indeed Bradley': Iris Murdoch, Jane Austen and the Novelist as Moralist
  • Anne Sebba: I Shall Bear Witness: H.G. Adler and the Holocaust - Kings College Library Bequest
  • Priscilla Martin: Review of An Iris Murdoch Chronology by Valerie Purton
  • J. Robert Baker: Review of Sacred Space, Beloved City: Iris Murdoch's London by Cheryl Bove and Anne Rowe
  • Sabina Lovibond: Review of Iris Murdoch's Ethics: A Consideration of her Romantic Vision by Megan Laverty
  • Nick Turner: Review of The Integration of the Self: Women in the Fiction of Iris Murdoch and Margaret Drabble by Afaf (Effat) Jamil Khogeer
  • Edith Brugmans: Review of Mariëtte Willemsen, 'Impersonal Love. Iris Murdoch and the Concept of Compassion'
  • Daphne Turner: Review of Memories of an S.O.E Historian by M.R.D. Foot

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Review 1 (2008)

  • Peter Conradi: Preface: Twenty Years of the Iris Murdoch Society News Letter
  • Stephanie de Pue: Meeting the Enchantress: Unpublished Interview with Iris Murdoch
  • Peter Garrard: The Iris Murdoch Text Analysis Project and its Importance to the Study of Authorship and Alzheimer's Disease
  • Alfonso Lopez: The Puzzling Seriousness of Language: Introducing Spanish
  • Philosophy Students to Iris Murdoch's Philosophy and Fiction
  • Paul Binding: Forgotten and Unknown? The Sandcastle Revisited
  • Valerie Purton: Iris Murdoch and the Art of Dedication
  • Anne Rowe: 'I embrace you with much love': Letters from Iris Murdoch to Elias Canetti
  • Jeremy Adler: 'Tear Up this Letter': Review of Briefe An Georges, the letters of Veza and Elias Canetti edited by Karen Lauer and Kristian Wachinger
  • Ritchie Robertson: 'The Great Hater': Review of Elias Canetti by Sven Hanuschek
  • Alison Scott-Baumann: Review of Iris Murdoch: A Reassessment, edited by Anne Rowe
  • Alex Ramon: The Third International Conference on Iris Murdoch: 'Iris Murdoch: Morality and the Novel'
  • Otsuki Miharu: The Third Iris Murdoch Conference: A View from Japan
  • Report on Iris Murdoch Archive

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