Socialism: planning, justice and policy

Definitions of socialism are contentious and varied within political economy. We need a critical evaluation of the experience of centrally planned economies as well as an openness to fresh ideas in order to develop a socialism for the 21st century. What would be the characteristics of an egalitarian economic policy? How can economic structures be democratised? Is a socialist perspective on egalitarianism and human rights different from a conventional one? What is the role of planning as part of a socialist programme? What will be the role of finance in socialism?

A selection of papers indicative of our ongoing work in the area:

  • Auerbach, Paul (2007). The Left Intellectual Opposition in Britain 1945-2000: the Case of the Alternative Economic Strategy, Socialist History Society Occasional Paper No. 24 2007
  • Stockhammer, Engelbert (2008). Wage coordination or wage flexibility? Intervention 5 (1), 54-62
  • Auerbach, Paul and Skott Peter (1993). Capitalist trends and Socialist Priorities, Science and Society 57(2)
  • Auerbach, Paul (1992), On Socialist Optimism, New Left Review 192
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