• Cambridge Journal of Economics
    Probably the leading Political Economy journal; one of the few that is also recognized by the mainstream. Founded in the traditions of Marx, Keynes, Kalecki, Joan Robinson and Kaldor; the journal provides a forum for theoretical, applied, policy and methodological research into social and economic issues.
  • Review of Political Economy
    Broad Political Economy Journal. Covering all areas of Political Economy, including the Austrian, Behavioral Economics, Feminist Economics, Institutionalist, Marxian, Post Keynesian, and Sraffian traditions. Publishing both theoretical and empirical research; the review is also open to submissions in methodology, economic history and the history of economic thought that help cast light on issues of contemporary relevance in political economy."
  • Structural Change and Economic Dynamics
    Well respected journal that is also open to political rconomy contributions. Publishes articles about theoretical, applied and methodological aspects of structural change in economic systems. Published work includes analyses of the dynamics and structural breaks in economic, technological, behavioural and institutional patterns.
  • Metroeconomica
    Broad heterodox journal. A journal of analytical economics: addressing the role of social institutions, technical change and income distribution, emphasizing the behavioural foundations of economics, exploring methodological innovations in economics and from other disciplines.
  • Journal of Post Keynesian Economics
    Important Post Keynesian journal. Publishes innovative theoretical and empirical work, shedding light on contemporary economic problems. Subscribes to belief that cumulative development of economic theory is only possible when the theory is continuously subjected to scrutiny in terms of its ability both to explain the real world and to provide a reliable guide to public policy.
  • Intervention - Journal of European Economics and Economic Policies
    Young journal with an economic policy section; some affinity to post-Keynesian economics, but open to other political economy approaches.
  • Review of Radical Political Economics
    Probably the leading Marxian econ journal, but open to other political economy approaches. Promotes critical inquiry into all areas of economic, social, and political reality. Welcomes contributions in all areas of political economy including, but not confined to, Marxian economics, post-Keynesian economics, Sraffian economics, feminist economics, and radical institutional economics.
  • Capital & Class
    UK-based journal in Marxist economics. Provides a critique of global capitalism in the Marxist tradition, reaching out into the labour, trade union and other radical movements, such as anti-racism, environmentalism and feminism.
  • Journal of Economic Issues
    The leading 'old institutionalist' journal; open to other political economy approaches. Publishes articles that describe aspects of evolving economies, economic problems, economic policy, economic history, and methodology.
  • Journal of Institutional Economics
    A much younger institutionalist journal, more open to mainstream new institutionalist econmics, maybe less so for other political economy. Studies the nature, role and evolution of institutions in the economy, including firms, states, markets, money, households and other vital institutions and organisations. It welcomes contributions by all schools of thought that contribute to our understanding of the features, development and functions of real world economic institutions and organisations.
  • Ecological Economics
    Probably the leading journal in ecological economics (also recognized by the mainstream); little political economy here, but that's probably not the journal's fault. Extends and integrates the study and management of ecology and economics.
  • Feminist Economics
    Leading journal in feminist economics. Offers feminist economics perspectives.
  • Journal of Evolutionary Economics
    Evolutionary economics, little else. Articles feature a strong emphasis on dynamics, changing structures, and disequilibrium processes with an evolutionary perspective. It also stresses interdisciplinary analysis and theoretical, methodological, and applied work.
  • Review of International Political Economy
    International Political Economy = more political science than economics, but an important outlet for some Political Economy research; well respected in Political Science, but hardly recognized in mainstream economics “Takes a global and interdisciplinary approach. It seeks to act as a point of convergence for political economists, international relations scholars, geographers, and sociologists, and is committed to the publication of work that explores such issues as international trade and finance, production and consumption, and global governance and regulation, in conjunction with issues of culture, identity, gender, and ecology.”
  • Economy and Society
    More on the sociology side of things, but open to political economy. A well-respected journal.
  • International Journal of Political Economy
    Broad political economy journal with special issues, about half of which are in econ. Welcomes individual contributions from a critical perspective, as well as suggestions for special thematic issues in all fields of political economy internationally.
  • Science & Society
    Long-lived Marxist journal (not only economics). Publishes theoretical and applied studies in political economy and economic analysis of contemporary societies: social and political theory; philosophy and methodology of the natural and social sciences; history, labor, ethnic and women's studies; aesthetics, literature and the arts.
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