The following are links to webpages that give an overview or to organisations that run email distribution lists. These are very useful to get an idea of what is going on.

  • Heterodox Economics Directory
    The Heterodox Economists Directory describes itself as an informational directory on graduate and gndergraduate programs, journals, publishers and book series, associations, institutes, blogs, and other web sites in heterodox economics.
  • Heterodox Graduate Programs
    An excellent list of graduate programmes with a focus on, or at least open to, heterodox econ. Part of the Heterodox Economics Directory.
  • Heterodox Economics Newsletter
    Excellent collection of info relevant for heterodox econ.
  • Post-Keynesian Study Group (PKSG)
    UK-based group with a useful email distribution list. Also organises a seminar series in Cambridge.
  • Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE)
    US-based group with a email list with a focus on American activities.
  • Historical Materialism
    Has an email list with a focus on events in the area of Marxian economics. The group also edits a journal with the same name, as well as an annual conference in London.
  • Real-World Economics Network
    A network originating from the movement of French economics students who criticised that the way they were taught economics was excessively formalistic and lacked the necessary pluralism.
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