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Life Narrative Research Group (LNR)- Publications

Life Narrative Research Group has produced a number of publications in the cutting edge areas of life narrative research. Each of these has been a collaboration that arose from conferences, conversations and debates among theorists, practitioners, academic and artists.

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Dr Meg Jensen and Dr Siobhan Campbell, "The Expressive Life Writing Handbook", Beyond Borders Scotland Publishing.
April 2016
Professor Norma Clarke, "Brothers of the Quill: Oliver Goldsmith and Friends", Harvard University Press.

Brothers of the Quill: Oliver Goldsmith and Friends is a study of Goldsmith in his London milieu, 1757–74. Goldsmith was Irish, and many of his friends were Irish writers in London, as was the patron he acquired when his poem, The Traveller, made him famous. The book asks what it meant to be Irish in Georgian England, and how the peculiar situation of Ireland (in name a kingdom, in fact a colony) manifested itself in Goldsmith's work and in that of his friends. It investigates the relationship between 'low' art and 'high', between insalubrious attics and polite drawing-rooms, between dependence on a bookseller and the independence of leisured gentlemen of means who were, supposedly, the proper custodians of the nation's literary culture.
August 2015
Meg Jensen, "The Legible Face of Human Rights in Autobiographical Fiction" in McClennen and Moore, eds. The Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights, Routledge.

The Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights provides a comprehensive, transnational, and interdisciplinary map to this emerging field, offering a broad overview of human rights and literature while providing innovative readings on key topics. Drawn from many different global contexts, the essays offer an ideal introduction for those approaching the study of literature and human rights for the first time, looking for new insights and interdisciplinary perspectives, or interested in new directions for future scholarship.
August 2014
Meg Jensen and Margaretta Jolly (Sussex) eds, "We Shall Bear Witness": Life Narratives and Human Rights, University of Wisconsin Press.

In We Shall Bear Witness, editors Meg Jensen and Margaretta Jolly assemble moving personal accounts from those who have endured persecution, imprisonment, and torture; meditations on experiences of injustice and protest by creative writers and filmmakers; and innovative research on ways that digital media, commodification, and geopolitics are shaping what is possible to hear and say. The book's primary sections—testimony, recognition, representation, and justice—evoke the key stages in turning experience into a human rights life story and attend to such diverse and varied arts as autobiography, documentary film, report, oral history, blog, and verbatim theater. The result is a groundbreaking book that sensitively examines how life and rights narratives have become so powerfully entwined. Also included is an innovative guide to teaching human rights and life narrative in the classroom.
December 2011 Meg Jensen and Margaretta Jolly (Sussex), preface by Rachel Cusk, Special Issue on the theme of Life Writing and Critical Practice, Literature Compass.
May 2009 Meg Jensen and Jane Jordan, 'Life Writing: The Spirit of the Age and the State of the Art' (PDF file, 227 KB), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 280 pages, ISBN 978-1-4438-0526-1.

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