Kingston Language Scheme

Apart from studying for a minor degree in languages at Kingston University, all students have the possibility of studying a language through the Kingston Language Scheme (KLS) for free.

But it´s not just about our students learning a foreign language. It´s about making learning an interesting, life-enhancing experience that will increase your employability – with a flexible approach.

Learning a language is not only enjoyable, it gives you knowledge of other cultures, makes you more adaptable, sharpens your communications skills and makes you more attractive to employers who are operating in an increasingly globalised world. Whatever you decide to do in your future career, learning another language can only improve your career chances.

Don´t take our word for it – here´s what US President Barack Obama said in 2008: "If you have a foreign language that is a powerful tool to get a job… you are so much more employable, you can be part of international business."

Need more convincing? Well, a recent poll of 500 companies, conducted for CILT, the National Centre for Languages, revealed that one in four said the ability to speak a second language would give a candidate the edge when applying for a job.

Dr Lid King, the government's national director for languages, said: "This research shows that UK employers are demanding candidates with languages, and that having these skills can really give young people entering the jobs market the edge. Languages are vital for the success of the UK economy but for young people themselves they can also have tangible benefits, as just having a language on your CV could be the key to getting your foot in the door."

Maybe you´re studying for a degree in journalism but would like to learn a new language from scratch or develop one you have already studied. Kingston University offers you that opportunity with time-tailored courses and flexible entry levels.

We make learning another language a deeper experience because we´ll teach you about the peoples and cultures of the country whose language you are learning.

We cover all the basics – teaching you how to read, write and listen to the language. But language is part of a culture. By enhancing your understanding of the culture, we make learning more, fun, interesting and, most of all, effective.

We will provide you with a wide range of languages to choose from and you will be awarded a certificate of achievement on successful completion of your course.

The languages available are as follows:

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