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Media and Communication alumni - profiles

Media and Communication Department icon Undergraduate alumni have gone on to careers in a wide variety of media, including Project Manager, New Media Solutions at Sony DADC; Senior Producer/ Presenter at Channel NewsAsia; Senior Digital Account Executive; Journalist/ Radio producer/ Event organiser; Talent Manager, Sony/ATV; SEN Support Teacher/Student key worker. Graduates are also well placed to take up further study both within the disciplines of media and communication and also the applied cognate areas of marketing, promotion and communications.

Many of our postgraduate alumni have become professionals in the media and cultural industries, working in such sectors as government (e.g. parliamentary communication officer), PR (marketing executive for a legal firm; event manager), publishing, radio and journalism (e.g. online tablet publications editor, radio presenter, journalist). Each year some of our undergraduates also go on to post-graduate teacher training as part of the GTTR scheme at both Primary and Secondary level.

Joe Talboys
Advertising Creative - Iris Worldwide, London Office

pic ofMedia and Cultural Studies at Kingston is a holistic and comprehensive course covering every aspect of the media world. For those looking to find their feet in the communication and creative industries, it serves as a great means to discover your niche.

My favourite aspect of the course was the seminar sessions, where lecture and book learning can be put into practice through discussions and debates. These seminars, covering a range of subject matters like consumer culture or representations of different groups in the media, helped me hone both my critical eye and my discussion skills, two things very important in the boardroom in my later career.

The emphasis on presenting and speaking up in the Media and Cultural Studies course helped me to develop presentation skills that I've continued to sharpen throughout my career in advertising. Kingston also has a real emphasis on the practical elements of producing content in different media, be it writing, filming or creating digital multimedia, the latter becoming increasing important since my graduation due to the ever changing digital world we now live in. In my career I create television, radio, print and online content, and so these practical skills learned at Kingston have all come into play.

Marwa Al-Nagar
Broadcasting Assistant - BBC Arabic

pic ofBeing a student of media and cultural studies is full of exciting and challenging tasks. I had never studied media before in my life and only started doing so at Kingston University. I always remember my first lecture I had at kingston. The class was trying to analyse the video clip of the song (It's Raining Men) it was a lecture I took with Karen. I remember it because I was unsure if this was what I want to study, after studying science at A levels. However I discoverd that yes this is what I want to study and I started loving the subject day after day.

I enjoyed the fact that we studied a mix of old theories linking them with current issues. As well as the fact that I got to choose modules in my second and third year made the whole course more personalised to my interests. Adding to this there is some free time in between lectures or during the week which enables you to undertake work and gain experience.

I am using many of the skills I developed throughout my time at Kingston University, analyzing and summarsing articles, speaking in public and I am never scared to put an idea forward in a meeting due to the confidence the course gave me.

Pearl Maseko - Radio specialist
The Parliament of the Republic of South Africa

I was impressed not only by the support provided by the lecturers but also by their ability to openly engage with students, through class discussions, one to one meetings and emails. The programme provides a variety of modules to choose from, which allows students the opportunity to 'design'/'personalize' their degree, it is also designed in a way that does not only teaches the practical mechanics of media and communication but also how to analyse and produce writing of academic standard.

Areen Adel Tweissi - Researcher
Jordanian Political Affairs Directorate

Studying the MA in Media and Communication at Kingston University opened to me many prospects in scientific, practical and social fields. It also allowed me to develop many skills, such as, presentation, writing and most importantly research skills,which has given me the ability to write in different formats and styles.

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