Prof Vron Ware

Position: Chair In Criminology/Sociology
School: School Of Social And Behavioural Sciences
Extension: 62717
Location: Room PR MB 3029, Main Building, Penrhyn Road


I have worked as a journalist, photographer, policy researcher in the third sector and, since 1992, an academic with experience of teaching in the US as well as the UK. The thread that links all these occupations and outputs has been my commitment to anti-racism, social justice and intersectionality.

As a scholar-activist I have a track record of creating new avenues for interdisciplinary research. My first book (Beyond the Pale, 1992, 2015) focused on the discursive production of ‘whiteness’ through a gendered reading of colonial history. It was subsequently instrumental in shaping a new international field of study which has become known as Critical Whiteness Studies (CWS). 'Beyond the Pale' is due to be re-published in 2015 with a new foreword.

My recent book (Military Migrants, 2012, 2014), a study of equality and diversity inside the British Army, introduces the specialist topic of military institutions into the study of contemporary socio-cultural change, citizenship, race and ethnicity.

From January 2015 I will be working on a new project with partners at Stockholm University entitled "The Politics of Military Loss in Europe". The aim of this comparative project is to examine how deaths of European soldiers in Afghanistan are given societal meanings and justifications and how these losses have been politically framed and handled. Five countries with different war histories, geopolitical positions and gender regimes (Estonia, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK) will be investigated through the analysis of media narratives, parliamentary debates, official policies and commemoration rituals.

The project proceeds from the idea that these new military deaths transform established understandings of national belonging. The research will investigate, firstly, how the losses in Afghanistan restructure relations between war, national identity and gender, and, secondly, how these reshaped national identities influence democratic discussions and practices.


I am currently teaching on four undergraduate courses:

Gender and Society (Level 6);
Religion & Society (Level 6)
Dissertation (Level 6)

Researching Race & Ethnicity (Level 5)

Research supervision

I welcome inquiries for PG supervision in all areas of my research interests:

• Racism, historical memories of colonialism, multiculturalism, whiteness and intersectionality
• National identity, war and militarization; sociology of military institutions; citizenship and military service
• Geographies of life-writing; landscape, place, social ecology, urban/rural divide, Englishness
• Gender relations and feminism in the Muslim-majority world

Current PhD supervision:
Nahid Husseini: "Gender, Education and Citizenship in Iran" (co-supervised with Basia Spalek)

Research outputs

Number of items: 28.


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Book Section

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