Dr Oded Ben-Tal

Position: Senior Lecturer
School: Perf and Screen Studies
Email: O.Ben-Tal@kingston.ac.uk
Extension: 65413
Location: Room KH CH 2002, Coombehurst House, Kingston Hill
Website: http://ccrma.stanford.edu/~oded


I am a composer/researcher working in the intersection of art, science, and technology. My composition work include both acoustic and electronic pieces including multichannel audio compositions, interactive live-electronics with instruments and multimedia collaborations. My research interest include aspects of the music cognitions and perception especially as they relate to creative practice and electronic music.
Recent projects include: Ukiyo and Suna No Onna - multimedia collaborations, Zaum: Beyond Mind a sound theatre piece, Still Life for microtonal trumpet and electronics.

Educational and professional qualifications

1998-2002 Doctor of Musical Arts , Stanford University
1997-98 Arts Master , Stanford University
1992-96 B.Mus , Rubin Academy of Music
1991-96 B.Sc. Physics , Hebrew University

Professional experience (post-1990)

2006-08 Lecturer Multimedia Technology and Design, Brunel University
2000 Acting Instructor, Stanford University
1998-2000 Teaching Assistant, Stanford University
1995-96 Teaching Assistant, Rubin Academy of Music

Research areas

Music: Composition; Interactive performance; Electronic Music;


Leverhulme Trust: 2007 Artist in Residence at Brunel University School of Engineering and Design
PRS Foundation/Bliss Trust: 2009 Composer Award

Research outputs

Number of items: 23.


de Fleurian, Remi, Blackwell, Tim, Ben-Tal, Oded and M├╝llensiefen, Daniel (2016) Information-theoretic measures predict the human judgment of rhythm complexity. Cognitive Science, ISSN (print) 0364-0213 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Ben-Tal, Oded and Salazar, Diana (2014) Rethinking the musical ensemble: a model for collaborative learning in higher education music technology. Journal of Music, Technology & Education, 7(3), pp. 279-294. ISSN (print) 1752-7066

Ben-Tal, Oded and Wilkins, Caroline (2013) Improvisation as a creative dialogue. Perspectives of New Music, 51(1), pp. 21-39. ISSN (print) 0031-6016

Ben-Tal, Oded (2012) Characterising musical gestures. Musicae Scientiae, 16(3), pp. 247-261. ISSN (print) 1029-8649

Sagiv, Noam, Ilbeigi, Alireza and Ben-Tal, Oded (2011) Reflections on synaesthesia, perception, and cognition. Intellectica, 55, pp. 81-94. ISSN (print) 0769-4113

Ben-Tal, Oded and Berger, Jonathan (2004) Creative aspects of sonification. Leonardo, 37(3), pp. 229-232. ISSN (print) 0024-094X


Ben-Tal, Oded [Composer] (2016) Sonata (Scarlatti, Schubert, Scriabin). (electronic music).

Ben-Tal, Oded [Composer] (2015) Metaphors of Space and of Time. (solo instrument and electronics). 1.

Ben-Tal, Oded [Composer], Archibald, Rees [Videographer] and Wilkins, Caroline [Performer] (2014) Mitslalim. (Music). Revised version.

Ben-Tal, Oded [Composer] (2012) Day after day, night after night. (music).

Ben-Tal, Oded [Composer] (2012) Hypnagogic states. (music).

Ben-Tal, Oded [Composer] (2009) Music for strings. (music).

Ben-Tal, Oded [Composer] (2004) Nebulae for double woodwind quintet. (music). (Unpublished)

Ben-Tal, Oded [Composer] (2003) Chlorophilosophy. (music). (Unpublished)

Ben-Tal, Oded [Composer] (2001) Precipitating lights. (music). (Unpublished)

Conference or Workshop Item

Sturm, Bob L., Santos, Joao Felipe, Ben-Tal, Oded and Korshunova, Iryana (2016) Music transcription modelling and composition using deep learning. In: 1st Conference on Computer Simulation of Musical Creativity; 17 - 19 Jun 2016, Huddersfield, U.K.. (Unpublished)

De Fleurian, Remi, Ben-Tal, Oded, Mullensiefen, Daniel and Blackwell, Tim (2014) Comparing perceptual and computational complexity for short rhythmic patterns. In: International Conference on Timing and Time Perception; 31 Mar - 03 Apr 2014, Corfu, Greece. ISSN (online) 1877-0428

Ben-Tal, Oded, Demianiuk, Robert, Heath, Sam, Kendall, Sam and Salazar, Diana (2014) Making music with technology: a free improvisation ensemble. In: SEMPRE Conference: Researching Music Technology in Education: Critical Insights; 03 - 04 Apr 2014, London U.K..

Ben-Tal, Oded and Salazar, Diana (2014) A hands-on electronic ensemble workshop. In: Building Interdisciplinary Bridges Across Cultures (BIBAC); 24-26 Oct 2014, Cambridge, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Ben-Tal, Oded and Sagiv, Noam (2010) Auditory-visual synaesthesia: investigations using dynamic sounds and spontaneous reports between sleep and wakefulness. In: 2020 Meeting of the UK Synaesthesia Association; 27 - 28 Mar 2010, Brighton, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Wilkins, Caroline and Ben-Tal, Oded (2010) The embodiment of music/sound within an multimedia performance space. In: Artech 2010: Envisioning Digital Spaces; 22-23 Apr 2010, Guimaraes, Portugal. ISBN 9789899616318

Ben-Tal, Oded (2009) Auditory-visual synaesthesia using dynamic sounds with changing pitch and timbre. In: Sinestesia 2009 3rd International Congress on Synaesthesia, Science & Art; 26 - 29 Apr 2009, Granada, Spain. (Unpublished)

Ben-Tal, Oded (2008) Musical toys: interactive audio for non-musicians. In: Linux Audio Conference 2008; 28 Feb - 02 Mar 2008, Cologne, Germany. (Unpublished)

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