With Love and Rage: A Friendship with Iris Murdoch

David Morgan

"You have captured things about Iris that no-one else has."

Peter Conradi, Iris Murdoch's biographer.

David Morgan met Iris Murdoch at the Royal College of Art in 1960's London. "Something clicked". It was an unlikely alliance: he was a rebel from Birmingham, she was a famous writer who had come to London as grandee from Oxford. But their loving friendship was to endure for more than forty years.

Morgan's painful, funny and irreverent account of their friendship vacillates between love and rage on both sides. His honesty is unnerving because it provides a sense of closeness to, and alienation from, a woman who is so different to the one we thought we knew. But this is not only a story about two remarkable individuals; it is about bohemian London, and also a story about how art is made.

This unconventional memoir is the author's final farewell and his preservation of Iris Murdoch for eternity. But the legacy is not merely a personal one. For if interest in revelations about the life of any writer can only be justified by the light they shed on art and its creators, this invitation into the hidden corners of Iris Murdoch's life, will enable a better insight into Murdoch herself, her novels, and the mind that shaped them.

Key features/publicity

  • Introduction by leading Murdoch scholar, Dr Anne Rowe. Contains excerpts of letters from Iris
  • Reveals a side to Iris never seen - will attract media attention: Dr Rowe & Professor Conradi to speak on Radio 4
  • Reviews in the Observer, TLS, Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard: Feature In the London Review of Books and on Sky Arts Iris Murdoch programme

Author info

David Morgan left school in Birmingham without qualifications and spent six years educating himself. Getting into the RCA, where in 1964 he met Iris Murdoch, proved to him that he couldn't paint but that maybe he could write and teach, and encouraged by her, he ended up running part-time studies at a London university. Like many auto-didacts he has a 'quiz' knowledge of the world with many gaps, but would have had even more if he hadn't met her. His debt to her is that she convinced him he had a mind.

With Love and Rage: A Friendship with Iris Murdoch

Publication details

  • Publication date: February 2010
  • Format: Paperback
  • Size: 216x138mm
  • Price: £12.99
  • Extent: 176pp
  • ISBN: 978-1-899999-42-2
  • Categories: Life-Writing/Memoir, Iris Murdoch Studies/Literature