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This page introduces the various MA programs at Kingston University which are located within or close to political economy. Additionally the site provides an overview of newsletters, economic associations, conferences and journals in the area of political economy. It is intended to provide useful direction for interested students, but not an exhaustive listing. Feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

Political economy should be understood as a pluralist approach to economics, taking into account various schools of thought such as Keynesian, Marxist or Institutionalist economics.

MAs in the field of political economy

The Economics department offers various master programs in the field of political economy. All of them focus on a pluralist approach to economics while providing different specialisations. Further information.

Summer Schools

There are several summer schools, which enable students to get in touch with the various strands of political economy. These 3-6 days long seminars are a perfect opportunity to learn more about other economic theories not touched at most universities and exchange with other students from all over the world with similar interests. Further information.


Newsletters are the easiest way to stay up to date with recent developments within political economy and heterodox economics. Different institutions provide newsletters with specialisations in different branches of economics and you can submit to those you are most interested in. Further information.


Conferences are an important opportunity to exchange thoughts and get feedback on your research. This section provides information on conferences which are explicitly welcoming research based on the political economy approach. Further information.


Academic journals are one of the most important outlet for economic research. This section lists journals dedicated to the political economy approach. Further information.


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