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Kingston Writing School

Welcome to the Kingston Writing School, home to courses in Creative Writing, English Language and Communication, English Literature, Journalism and Publishing.

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The Writing School at Kingston University, London provides an open, vibrant community of outstanding writers, journalists, and publishing experts engaged with talented students and an exciting range of academics, writers in residence and guests.

Kingston Writing School offers:

  • An open, inspirational and innovative environment that transcends the University
  • Chances to maximise the impact of your work
  • Enthusiastic support for all things written and creative

We invite enquiries from students and writers of all abilities who would like to contribute to our collective experience while benefitting from the chance to work with us in imaginative ways. Come join us and spread the word.

What is Writing?

"All writing, from mathematical equations to Egyptian hieroglyphs, is communication. We put marks on paper (or on walls) purely in the hope that someone else will see them and pause long enough to think about them. Fiction writing is no exception. On the surface, it is simply story-telling (though 'simply' suggests that stories are easy to tell, which they aren't). At its heart though, fiction writing is an attempt by the writer to think things through for him or herself and then to share those thoughts and observations with others. The writer is saying, 'After due consideration, this is how I see it. Does it ring any bells with you?"

Mary Lawson

"It has to be dangerous and exciting. The stakes must be high. Characters should be wild and unexpected. They should live on the edge of society. The dramatic narrative should challenge expectation. Stereotypes should be upended. Language should be inventive, fresh, sometimes shocking. Writing is also music. It needs a variety of tone, pitch and pace. Writing must work on many levels simultaneously. It should change the reader and the viewer in a way that surprised them. Writing must excite the brain, the heart and all nerve ends."

Julia Pascal

"Writing is putting one word in front of another, then going back and changing it. Writing is finding out what you want to say. Writing can fragment what felt solid as well as bringing new forms and structures, new ideas, into play. Writing is dangerous. Good. I have a rule of thumb about fiction and life-writing: any paragraph that makes me nervous (which is not the same as critical) is probably doing what it should. Writers sometimes have to learn to be as courageous as their writing."

Norma Clarke

"For me, writing is two things at once: writing is an exploration of the self, an excavation of the inner life, of our secret hopes, fears and desires; but it is also a means to engage with society and history, to look back and interpret what has happened and to try and anticipate what is yet to come. Writing is an intensely personal and a highly political act, a way to share the complexity, beauty and terror of the human condition, a means of unmasking the ideologies of the age whilst also telling a thrilling story in the process."

James Miller

"Writing is one of the loneliest jobs in the world - I sometimes reckon I've spent the last 35 years of my life sitting in a room on my own telling myself lies. The Kingston Writing School takes the loneliness out of the business of writing - not alone but sharing the process with similar scribblers for support, encouragement, inspiration and positive criticism."

Barrie Keeffe

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Kingston University offers a range of short courses in creative writing, journalism and publishing.

Photograph of Hanif Kureishi

"Kingston Writing School has become one of the most dynamic places for students and writers in the United Kingdom. People there are full of talent, energy and bright ideas. It's a pleasure to be part of it and to have seen it grow so much in such a short time."

Hanif Kureishi

"I've thoroughly enjoyed my time at Kingston. The students are intelligent, receptive and enthusiastic. On the way I've learnt a lot more about my own profession, and I'd love to come back and do more teaching at Kingston if the opportunity arises."

Johnny Smith
Writer in Residence