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Date:20 November 2004, 10:00am to
20 November 2004, 6:00pm
Location:Middlesex University, White Hart Lane, London N17 8HR


Second in series of all-day events examining the following contention:
Noise is an unmapped continent in comparison with which everything we recognize as music remains a parochial backwater.


Performances by:

  • DJ / rupture
  • Cheap Machines
  • Safe


William Bennett (Whitehouse); John Dack (Middlesex University); Mark De'Rozario (k-punk & Institute of Abstract Engineering); Rob Gawthrop; Steve Goodman (CCRU & University of East London); Stephen Hastings-King & Brett Ian Balogh (University of Pennsylvania); Paul Hegarty (Cork University); Jay Needham (Southern Illinois University); Julius Nil (London Consortium); Alan Robinson (Goldsmiths College, London); David Roden (Open University); Mark Sinker (Sight and Sound); Giancarlo Toniutti; Salomé Voegelin (Middlesex University); Achim Wollscheid (Selektion); z’ev.

A varied programme of papers, performances and multi-media contributions will address the following topics:
noise ^ audience attending– decentring – interpellating
noise ^ capacity audition – intellection– recognition
noise ^ modality catharsis – ecstasis – poesis
noise ^ signification affect – information – memory – contagion
noise ^ technology historicity – recordability – reproducibility
noise ^ theory materialism – aesthetics – praxis
noise ^ trajectory futurism – concretism – post-punk – sludgefunk


9.30-10.00am: Registration (Staff Lounge)

10.00-10.15am: Introduction (All Saints Centre

10.15-11.45am: Panel 1 (All Saints Centre)
John Dack: The Re-Appropriation of Noise
David Roden: A Critique of Pure Noise
Mark Sinker: Blips, Blizzards & Biology

10.15-11.45am: Panel 2 (A116)
Paul Hegarty: Excess and Weakness
Julius Nil: Noise Starts with No
Mark De'Rozario: Noise as Anti-Capital

12.00-1.00pm (All Saints Centre)
William Bennett: A Place of Absolute Response
Achim Wollscheid: Noise and the Transformation of Artspace

1.00-2.00pm: Lunch

2.00-2.45pm (All Saints Centre)
DJ /rupture (Live performance)

3.00-4.00pm (All Saints Centre)
Giancarlo Toniutti: ollol ymymychiir (Convergence is Continuity)
z'ev: The Empowering Noise and the Devil's Music

4.00-4.30pm: Coffee

4.30-6.00pm: Panel 3 (All Saints Centre)
Salomé Voegelin: The Seduction of Noise
Jay Needham: Listening at the Border
Rob Gawthrop: Noise Listening Signification

4.30-6.00pm: Panel 4 (A116)
Steve Goodman: The Epidemiology of Noise
Alan Robinson: Ineluctable Modality of the Audible
Stephen Hastings-King & Brett Ian Balogh:
Composition-Improvisation & Noise

6.00-6.30pm (All Saints Centre)
Safe/Cheapmachines (Live performance)


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