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Aspects of Philosophy

Date:15 March 2003, 10:00am to
15 March 2003, 6:00pm
Location:Perry Hall, Middlesex University, White Hart Lane, London N17 8HR

Questioning/Critique/Construction: Aspects of Philosophy

Modern European philosophy encompasses a diverse, not to say bewildering, assortment of apparently incompatible approaches, traditions, and concerns: phenomenology, critical theory, hermeneutics, deconstruction, 'theory of multiplicities'. The list could go on. At a time when this heterogeneity threatens to degenerate into eclecticism and an inconsequential pluralism, it seems important to attain a clearer vision of what may be at stake in some of these various 'schools' or 'tendencies'. Under the heading 'questioning/critique/construction', this conference will foreground the contrasting conceptions of philosophy underlying some of these different approaches: that of philosophy as 1) locus of originary questioning; 2) subjective and socio-historical reflexivity in the Kantian and Hegelian critical traditions; and 3) positive conceptual construction in figures such as Schelling, Freud or Deleuze. In doing so, we would like to invite adherents of the post-Kantian 'continental' tradition to address some of the following questions: By what criteria are we to begin evaluating the worth of these competing conceptions? And if such criteria are neither available nor desirable then does this not reduce philosophy to mere opinion in a way that precludes questioning, critique, and construction, ultimately vindicating a 'free market' pragmatism and the hegemony of conversational consensus? If philosophy requires no substantive methodological conception then what does it mean to 'do' philosophy? Is everything philosophisable? And if not, why not?


9.30-10.15 Coffee & Registration

10.15-11.25 Rudi Visker (Catholic University of Leuven),
'Philosophy and Pluralism: Entering the
Performative Self-Contradiction'
[Chair: Peter Osborne]

11.40-12.50 Christine Battersby (University of Warwick),
'Re-imagining Feminist Metaphysics'
[Chair: Iain Mackenzie]

12.50-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.10 Jay Bernstein (New School for Social
Research, NY), 'The Necessity and
Disappointment of Critique: Schiller's
Aesthetic Education'
[Chair: Stella Sandford]

15.10-15.30 Tea

15.30-16.40 Celine Surprenant (University of Sussex),
'Reflection and Anteriority in Freud'
[Chair: Alex Düttman]

16.45-17.45 Panel discussion: 'Questioning, Critique,
Construction: Aspects of Philosophy'
[Chair: Peter Osborne]

18.00-19.00 Reception (sponsored by Continuum Books)

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