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Call for Papers/Performances/Installations/Posters

Date:25 March 2013, 11:55pm

This conference invites three types of submissions:

  1. New ways of communicating practice research in the creative arts to both specialist and non-specialist audiences;
  2. Team submissions to explore collaborative research: these may include an academic researcher and an industry partner in which the researcher demonstrates their work and the industry professional summarises how it is used; or two researchers from different artistic fields might report on a collaborative research activity across different media; or PhD students involved in collaborative research projects might discuss issues arising from the process of collaboration;
  3. Poster/installation/screenings.

Submissions can be for 20 minute slots (there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion in addition), 90 minute session proposals, or as posters/installations which are manned during breaks.

Tow or three papers/performance presentations will be grouped by theme or issue to lead to round table discussions. The conference shall be interactive so that panels further explore the issues raised in discussion, debate and demonstration where necessary.

AV possibilities: Projection systems, performance spaces, wall and table space for installations and posers, and large screen projections are available. Delegates should submit AV requirements. Installations and posters should be quick and easy to install by the presenters.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: 25TH March 2013. The Conference Review Panel aims to complete the review process by 16th April.

Please send your proposal as a Word document attached to an email addressed to: and ensure that your email includes your full name, affiliation, address, email address and phone number (DO NOT INCLUDE THESE DETAILS WITH YOUR ABSTRACT).

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