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FASS thinking: Professorial lecture with Julia Davidson

Date:25 October 2012, 5:00pm
Location:TH9, Penrhyn road, Kingston University
 KT1 2EE

The Impact of Social Media on Crime, Justice and Behaviour:  Breaking New Frontiers

Internet use has grown considerably in the last decade. Information technology now forms a core part of the formal education system in many countries, ensuring that each new generation of Internet users is more adept than the last. 

Data from the World Bank (2012) indicates however that both the extent and nature of Internet access varies enormously by country, for example in the Central African Republic there were only 2.2 users per 100 people in 2011 compared to 81.7 in the UK (, however there has been a recent dramatic rise in the use of handheld devices in Africa and Asia indicating that the world is increasingly online.

Social media affect, both positively and negatively, people’s life and their social structures such as the family, work and relationships and provide a platform for communication previously unknown.

This lecture explores the impact of the social media explosion on crime, justice and young people’s behaviour in the global context drawing upon recent research conducted in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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