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FASS thinking: Professorial lecture with John Mullarkey

Date:22 November 2012, 5:00pm
Location:JG5014, Penrhyn Road, Kingston Upon Thames
 KT1 2EE

The Death and Life of Radical Thought:

Thinking Backwards, Reverse Mutations, and the Animal State


Following a non-human lead (in philosophy, art, and politics), this presentation will look at the general question of ‘reverse thinking’. Its aim is to demonstrate the possibility that what some might discount as a ‘regressive’ or ‘reverse mutation’ can actually be seen as a non-standard type of radicalism. It is not merely that we must ‘go backwards in order to go forwards’, but that thinking in reverse might itself, now, be the only thought capable of ‘moving forward’ at all. An alternative meaning to ‘radical philosophy’ will be proffered, one that calls for an apparent regress to the ‘animal state’ – a ‘wild’ or ‘outsider’ thinking that offers a genuine progression out of the cultural, philosophical and political dead-ends that surround us.

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