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Music research - PhD students

Music Department iconAll research students, both those reading for the MA by Research and those for a PhD, are seen as a vital part of the music research environment. They are encouraged to take part fully in the departmental Research Events including the Research Seminars and Open Studio series, as well as to attend Faculty and University research training events.

Current research students and topics

  • George Reid: Chiptune Subculture: Chosen Fictions and Moving Beyond "Static" Nostalgia (PhD)
  • Adam Hope: MA by Research on Olivier Messiaen, music and religion
  • Deborah Moss: Myth through the lens of tragedy and the arts: an interdisciplinary study (PhD)
  • David Johnson: Composition - combining instruments from different cultures (PhD)
  • John Martin: The Salvation Army: music and mission (PhD)
  • Sergei O'Farrell: Rachmaninoff's Songs: Identity construction, Gypsy accents and reception (PhD)
  • Stace Constantinou: Processes of creative patterning in music: a compositional approach (PhD)
  • Grace Wai Kwan Gates: Performing Erik Satie's Piano Music (PhD)
  • Keith Ford: The pianist in the classroom: creating new pianistic models for linking recital and animateur practice (PhD)
  • Susan Greenwood: The music of Thomas Adès (PhD)
  • Steven Williams: Pop goes the reason: what makes a great pop track? Complexities and creativity in pop music composition and production - with a practical portfolio of work (PhD)

Past research students and topics

  • Michael Lee: The composition of music for the purpose of teaching the language and techniques of twentieth century music (MA by Research, 2011)
  • Kanaris Keramaris: Composition which follows the structure of an abstract video (MA by Research, 2010)
  • Jane Masters: An investigation into the nature of musical creativity as expressed through vocal improvisation (PhD, 2010)
  • Sini Timonen: Girls in the garage: gender and tradition in garage rock (MA by Research, 2008)
  • David Bessell: The acoustic remodelling of aspects of electronics (PhD, 2006)
  • Philip Stevens: A critique of process and content in composing the cantata 'Song for the end of time' (PhD, 2003)
  • Marie Ward: The interpretation of the piano music of Alexander Skryabin up to Sonata No.4 Op.30 (PhD, 2002)
  • Shu Kao, Phyllis: The quality secondary music teacher in Hong Kong: perspectives and perceptions (MPhil, 2002)
  • Josepha Ridding: Cultural considerations of Rubato in Czech piano performance, with specific reference to Chopin's works (PhD, 2002)
  • Cham Lai Suk-ching, Estella: A critical study of the development of school music education in Hong Kong, 1945-1997 (PhD, 2001)
  • Terence Pamplin: The Baroque baryton - the origin and development in the 17th Century of a solo, self-accompanying, bowed and plucked instrument played from tablature (PhD, 2000)
  • Chika Robertson: Twentieth Century violin technique: a new pedagogic approach (PhD, 1999)
  • Emily Achieng Akuno: The use of indigenous Kenyan children's songs for the development of a primary school music curriculum for Kenya (PhD, 1997)

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