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Music study

Music Department iconWhen you come to Kingston and become a member of the Music Department, we make a commitment to support you through your studies. If you ask for help, we will do what we can to support you and if we can't help you directly, we will find people in the University that can. We want everyone who starts one of our courses to complete it and are committed to supporting all of our students to achieve academically, creatively and personally.

We offer broad-based music courses that address a wide range of different musical genres and types and we expect our students to take an open minded interest in this broad curriculum. Later, as you move towards your third year, you will be able to specialise more and focus on your specialist areas of interest and expertise. We will also prepare you for the world of work (or further study) that awaits you after graduation.

We will provide training in academic skills enabling you to express yourself as effectively as possible in both written and verbal formats, to carry out research and to formulate cogent and well-informed arguments.

Music Department iconWe will develop your comprehension of music theory and a range of technical and technological skills, such as those involved in recording and production, enabling you to understand how music is put together and what gives it coherence and we will provide you with the skills to analyse music in a wide range of ways.

We will develop your creativity, providing you with teaching in composition and performance and opportunities, to both perform and to have your work performed. We will encourage you to express yourself through your creative practice and will challenge you to develop new ideas.

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