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Politics at Kingston

Politics Department icon We offer a diverse mix of courses based on interdisciplinary programmes. Our programmes are informed by a strong belief in freedom of thought; they present a range of perspectives, both orthodox and critical, then encourage students to reach their own informed views through reading, listening and rigorous debate, and to share experiences and knowledge brought from their own countries, backgrounds and life experiences.

Our courses also benefit from our many and diverse international students, who are encouraged to discuss the politics of their own countries; for example, why China is looking for a bigger role on the world stage, new forms of resistance in India, political change in Africa and the Arab revolutions.

Topics and issues discussed range widely, and may include: saving the planet from climate change; human rights abuse in Darfur; lobbying networks at the heart of Western policymaking; and how world financial institutions and governments deal with the crisis-torn world economy. However, we are concerned with the local as well as the international stage, including issues such as whether a break-up of the UK is possible; how the role of the family is changing; why 'fathers' rights' have become such an issue; why the 2011 riots occurred and to what extent social media can be blamed for this; and why the UK government is trebling university tuition fees and ostensibly dismantling the NHS without a mandate for either policy.

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