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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kingston University is the largest such Faculty in the capital. It comprises a diverse range of disciplines and departments including: Economics, Criminology and Sociology, Psychology, History, Politics and International Relations, English Literature and Language Development, Media and Communication, Creative Writing, Journalism and Publishing, Music, Drama, Dance, Film and Television, and Philosophy.

We are all pleased to be able to say that Kingston University is the leading new university in London. This is often taken to mean that Kingston leads the league tables for Higher Education institutions given their Royal Charter after 1992. However, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences also aims at being a 'new university' in another way. We seek to offer something new in the intellectual landscape of London and the nation. We are a Faculty that is fiercely committed to a unique mission that combines three things:

  1. We are passionate in our belief that the experience of higher education should be for all not just the socially elite. In this sense, we are committed to the idea that education can change lives and benefit society and that everyone should have the democratic right to a quality university education. We do not recognise any vapid distinction to be made between 'vocational' and 'educational' courses or institutions, rather we believe that education is our vocation.
  2. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of disciplines in the arts and social sciences. We understand that a university is defined by its intellectual ambition and so by its commitment to the full range of human knowledge. At a time when other institutions are in a state of retrenchment and are contracting their activities, we remain unswerving in our desire to make all of our subjects available to our extensive student body. We refuse the idea that certain subjects should be the preserve of certain kinds of institutions.
  3. We are committed to producing world-leading research in all our disciplines. We believe that the intellectual dynamism of a university comes from its entire teaching staff engaging in quality research, scholarship and professional activity, to the continuing benefit of all its undergraduate and postgraduate students.

"The teaching has been fantastic at Kingston. The lecturers encourage you to achieve your potential and because the lecturers believe in the students, the students ultimately produce good results."
National Student Survey

With some 7,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, the Faculty is a dynamic and vibrant intellectual community dedicated to providing a first-class educational experience. The Faculty staff are proud of the teaching traditions of Kingston and are fully committed to the education and welfare of their students. In turn the diverse student body, including many international students, makes the Faculty emblematic of the new London, the world city that it serves.

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