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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kingston University comprises a diverse range of disciplines and departments including Economics, Criminology and Sociology, Psychology, History, Politics, English, Creative Writing, Journalism and Publishing, Music, Drama, Dance, Film, Media and TV, and Philosophy.

We are committed to a richly rewarding, practical education for all, with strong support for each student to achieve their educational potential and to explore future career pathways. We want our students to be well trained, job-ready, and capable of making a positive contribution both in the world of work and in the community. We provide personalized support for students throughout their academic study, and offer a number of different placement opportunities during each course. We also want all of our students to be able to think critically, to weigh evidence, to question, to analyse powerfully, to argue persuasively, and to solve problems in an effective way. We are committed to the values of diversity, inclusivity and opportunity for all. Our thriving, buzzing campus, within easy reach of central London, is a living example of these ideals and aspirations.

We value expertise. We are committed to producing world-leading research in the arts, humanities and social sciences, and have invested a great deal in bringing the very best academic staff to the Faculty. Our reputation is growing nationally and internationally. We believe that the intellectual dynamism of a university comes from its entire teaching staff engaging in quality research, scholarship and professional activity, to the continuing benefit of all its undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Be practical. Be critical. Join us, and make a difference.

"The teaching has been fantastic at Kingston. The lecturers encourage you to achieve your potential and because the lecturers believe in the students, the students ultimately produce good results."
National Student Survey

With some 7,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, the Faculty is a dynamic and vibrant intellectual community dedicated to providing a first-class educational experience. The Faculty staff are proud of the teaching traditions of Kingston and are fully committed to the education and welfare of their students. In turn the diverse student body, including many international students, makes the Faculty emblematic of the new London, the world city that it serves.

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